Account Management

Our robust platform simply allows you to manage a wide range of tuition plans. We will help with your unique setup and walk you through setting it up to suit your needs.

Bill for tuition or any other Income Category you define in the system. Keep track of Costume Revenue, Dancewear Revenue, Registration, Recital Fees, etc. You will build the system that manages your categories as needed.


Our recurring Auto-pay and Batch Billing allows you to bill and collect money with ease. Manage your cash flow and facilitate your budgeting by getting your families onto an auto-pay system that is fully integrated with your software. This alone will save you so much time and keep your finances in order. No one wants to be a collection service, automate it so you don't have to be.

Our Batch Billing system is second to none. You can bill for the whole school, by class, by group (unlimited options defined by you). You can also select and de-select individual students that have nothing in common making ours the most flexible of any competitor.


Deposit Payment

Online Payment Processing

Recurring Payments

Credit Card & ACH Integration

Partial Payments

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