Improve Retention and Grow Your Enrollment

  Apr 21, 2017   admin

It only takes 1 good decision each year to see a change in your business for the better.

Here are 5 examples of steps to take to Improve your Student Retention and Grow Your Enrollment:

  • Hold registration for the next season EARLY! The Spring is the time of the year when students are excited about their costumes, excited about performing and excited about their dance. This is the time to get students registered to secure their spot for next year. If you don’t do early registration it is time to start!
  • Use Recommendation Cards and have your teachers complete one for each student. The card should give positive feedback to the child on their year in dance and recommend classes for the child that are suited for them for the next dance season. Students love hearing from their teachers and this helps the student and the parent know what they can look forward to for the next season.
  • Hold a “moving up” ceremony in each class at the end of the season. Reward your students with certificate, trophy, picture with teacher, or anything that will be a remembrance of the year they had. No need to spend a lot of money – it’s the thought that counts here.
  • Change things up each summer! Give your kids a reason to want to keep dancing over the summer. Start a new program that you might be thinking about for the fall. It’s a great time for both you and the students to give it a whirl so you can measure the response. If you don’t offer new things in the summer they might go somewhere else to dance and you could wind up losing them for the fall too.
  • Help your students be a part of something bigger. Build school spirit, community spirit, leadership, mentoring, random acts of kindness, the possibilities are endless. When students and parents feel connected to something more than just dance there is a greater chance they will return for classes year after year.